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On a lazy Sunday evening on 8th June, 2008 a bunch of enthusiastic and passionate people representing W.H.Y. Foundation, took time out to share moments of joy with some old and disabled people at an Old Age Home (Govt. Home for the Aged & Disabled) in Hyderabad.

There were happy faces in the crowd to see the young people spend their time with them when they thought they were left alone by their own kith and kin. As always, what we take away is more than what we give.

But none of this could have happened without the solid support of our friends who contributed funds for this initiative – virtually overnight. We thank all who donated generously for this event.

The event started at around 11 in the morning where people from W.H.Y. were out to procure medicines as per the home’s requirement (for which they were seeking help) and also some fruits just to tickle their taste buds. W.H.Y. reached the home by 4PM. As we entered the home, there were all dwelling faces and were looking out for a hand to pull them out of their worries for a change. While these people do get fed and clothed, what they lack is someone to hug and talk with. How often do we take the warmth of our home for granted?

As it was a holiday, we handed over the medicines to the store keeper of the home in the absence of the Matron. Then, we met the people and started giving them some fruits. We were truly blessed by the happy souls and the moments were very heartening, the joy of which has to be only experienced.The day ended with a promise to re visit them.

This was a rich experience for us – to see laughter and camaraderie in the midst of hardship. Hope we have many more join us on such activities – its fun and promises real life lessons. Finally, we once again thank all our friends who helped us in this event.

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