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Stop The Spread – Donated Infrared Thermometers to 137 Government Schools by WHY Foundation

As Telangana Government decided to re-open the schools and sanitize them,

W.H.Y. Foundation on the other side of the coin has been able to consolidate the like-minded people to pool in funds and sponsor Infrared Thermometers for all possible Government Schools in Vikarabad District.

With this effort, we had a fruitful response from the MEO of the Pargi and Doma Mandal – Mr. M. Harish Chandra, where he has successfully arranged a common platform for all the school Principals/HeadMasters and the W.H.Y. Foundation to meet at MDO Office Campus of both Pargi and Doma Mandals on 18th September 2021.

W.H.Y. Foundation, on the other hand, has been able to raise donations for this cause successfully. And through this cause, we have been able to sponsor Infrared Thermometers to a total of 137 schools (70 Schools in Doma Mandal & 67 Schools in Pargi).

Each school with less than 100 students has been supplied with 1 Thermometer and all the schools with a total strength crossing 100 have been supplied with 2 Thermometers.

All the School Principals have been counseled on how to use the device and we have requested that all the students should be scanned with this device before allowing them to enter the school premises. Any student or group of students found abnormal, would be quarantined in a separate room to “Stop The Spread” to other children in the same school.

This activity has gained popularity amongst the local print media and they have acknowledged our efforts by publishing an article on the event, along with a written acknowledgment and a note of appreciation – signed and stamped by MEO of the schools.

Special Thanks to our volunteers Sai Mudaliar, Anudeep Kamuni and Sai Krishna for conducting the event seamlessly.

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Photos from the activity

Feedback videos from the activity

Feedback from the activity

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