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Project 15: Supported a woman for treatment of Carcinoma Breast Cancer

Supported a woman for treatment of Carcinoma Breast Cancer

AKSHINTALA SUHASINI was suffering from “Carcinoma Breast Rt”. The removal of breast took place at Indian Red Cross society’s J.S.Cancer Hospital Nellore on 05.8.2015. Doctors advised 8 cycles of Chemotherapy and Radiation. 1st cycle of chemotherapy was given on 02.9.2015. And she needed financial support for later courses of Chemotherapy and Radiation. Each session costs 8000 Rupees.

AKSHINTALA SUHASINI has a family with 3 kids who are studying and husband earns his livelihood through purohitam (priest in temple). They are from a below poverty line making it hard to make ends meet

One of the donors of W.H.Y. Foundation has referred this case to us. The donor himself has collected significant amount of donations from his family and relatives and approached W.H.Y. Foundation to add up some more donations to support this cases.

Post our background check, W.H.Y. Foundation has decided to support AKSHINTALA SUHASINI for her medical treatment and released an amount of 65000/- rupees under the AATHMEEYA NESTHAM project.

This is the fifteenth case funded by AATHMEEYA NESTHAM project of W.H.Y. Foundation.

Thanks to all the supporters and donors of this noble cause.

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