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Note Books Donation Drive for Poor Students at Gurgaon

This was the first activity of Books Donation Drive in Gurgaon. 

The Note book Donation drive was successfully conducted in only one government school which was located in Sukhrali, Sector 17, Gurgaon, INDIA on 02 May’2015.

North India Summers are so hot that mercury levels would easily cross 45 degrees mark and no one would dare to step out and face the sun for few seconds. During weekends most of us would prefer to stay indoors in AC rooms or visit shopping malls for entire day to chill out and beat the heat. 

However on one of these summer Saturday, few volunteers joined hands to distribute notebooks to government school children for them to continue their education throughout the year and motivate them to continue their education next year as well without being dropouts. 

With unmatched efforts by volunteers we were able to give away ~8000 Notebooks to all the students who were present on the day. 

We thank every volunteer who had being a part of distribution program and also Friends, Colleagues, Families who have contributed in one way or the other for this cause.

For all pictures kindly visit our website’s photos page.

Wonderful moments captured here: Click on Below Image to view All photos


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