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Spending your personal time is the precious gift you can give anyone. There might have been so many instances which turned into unforgettable moments in each of our lives when we have gone out of our comfort zone trying to help someone else.

Precisely, this is what has happened when 15 volunteers from W.H.Y. Foundation went ahead on 3rd Mar, 2012 to support the poor students in the government school (Xth Standard students) helping them with supplies of all stationery material which will enable them to appear for their final exams this summer.

Through a consolidated effort from each of us, we were able to collect the required material which catered 150 students in a government high school.

Writing Pads – 150, Ball Pens – 300, HB Pencils – 300

Erasers – 150, Sharpners – 150, Geometry Sets -150

File Folder – 150, Rough Note Books – 150.


The contributions have exceeded the budget and we were left out with some more money for which we gave muffins & chocolates for all 150 students.

Most of us after a day long’s work in the night shift, it was time to go to bed…but few people made an exception by  postponing  their sleep and spend some quality time in the school interacting with the students. It was an amazing experience getting to know the student’s ambitions and aspirations in spite of their hardships to attend the school.

The students also felt happy to see working professionals sharing their feelings on the importance of quality education and were quite encouraged with the words spoken by the visiting volunteers. Special thanks to all the donors and supporters of this cause


Wonderful moments captured here:

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