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Ear for Education_ 1st Phase

Were you able to read the above signs and understand for what are we requesting your help? If you are still wondering what the signs are, let us tell you that they read as “AID FOR BLIND”. It’s really hard, at the same time, great to see someone who is blind and still be motivated to complete their education.

Yes, we have received a request from Home for Blind in Hyderabad asking to help these 6 specially abled students with hearing aids, so that they can continue their education. They would need these hearing aid for helping them listen to pre-recorded chapters and also to record any lectures and continue their education. Currently they have Walkmans and it becomes difficult to convert audio into walkman cassette or to redistribute them among the students. 

W.H.Y. Foundation with the help of volunteers, donors, colleagues and well-wishers support, was able visited a blind home to donate 6 mp3 players for the students who would use them to listen to the recorded lessons and prepare for the exams, thanks to all the donors, volunteers and supporters for motivating us always.

Details of Students who received these players are:

D.Mohan rao— completed Intermediate– partially visually– 10% vision
M. Shankar Rao- completed intermediate– completely visually
Rama Rao- Completed intermediate– completely visually
Saraswathi — completed intermediate– completely visually
Niharika– Completed intermediate —- partially visually–15
Gayathri— Completed intermediate— partially visually — 20%


Wonderful moments captured here: 

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