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W.H.Y. launched a new training program on 15th of December, 2007 at D.I.E.T. (Govt. District Institute of Education & Training) Institute. This was the outcome of our training ability at Govt. School, Nizamabad. The program was in the pipeline right from when the program was going on at the Govt. school in October, 2007.

The day started very typically by getting introduced to the crowd there at the campus and also knowing about their knowledge levels on the subject which helped us in gaining the first hand perspective as to at what level should we start the topics of the subject. We were amazed to know about their basic proficiency on the subject which has really helped us and it made our job easy of teaching them the subject.

Almost at the end of the day, we got a call from the Govt. school to visit them. The most interesting part was that, this time, even our colleagues have planned for an outing to Nizamabad and they too wanted to visit the school. But, we were unaware of the “SURPRISE GET TOGETHER” party at the school. We were really moved to know that in spite of their busy examination schedules, students at the school managed to arrange 8 live dance performances to entertain us at the function.

The party started with some speeches by the teachers of the school. We never thought that we could make such a big impression in their minds about our activities and we felt really proud when they spoke their heart at the function. Some of the excerpts from the speeches are:

(1) The people from W.H.Y. foundation have become our family members. (2) We would really miss them and no doubt they will go a very long way and make a commendable contribution to the welfare of the society. (3) We would definitely narrate the success stories of W.H.Y. to all our students even if we get transferred to other schools as part of the job. (4) The parents of the organizers should be really a proud couple for being brought up their children and have given back to the society’s welfare. (5) We would definitely ensure that we always try to pass on the MANTLE of the W.H.Y. Foundation through our students and also through our own children.

W.H.Y. launching a new program, colleagues coming for an outing and being invited by the school for a surprise party are all sheer coincidence and the people behind W.H.Y. would definitely cherish all these sweet and memorable moments through out their lives.

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