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Counseling Fair – 2013

Education is the beacon of light which drives away darkness from one’s lives. Illiteracy might be termed as one of the prime reasons for the underdevelopment of many parts of India. For numbers’ sake, the literacy rate of India is reasonably good, but this includes only people who know how to read and write. Beyond basic literacy, a large number of Indians still suffer from ignorance and this affects their progress to a great extent.

To help combat this problem, we at W.H.Y.Foundation have conducted Counselling Fair for students of Class X, at Government schools of Doma Mandal, RangaReddy District on 02nd FEB’2013 and Gambhiraopet Mandal, Karimnagar District on 09th FEB’2013. 

We have conducted this program during the previous year as well, and it was met with an enthusiastic response from the participants.

The goal of this program is simple – to encourage students to continue their education beyond basic schooling.

A lot of students do not know about the various options they have ahead of them once they finish their basic schooling. As a result a lot of them quit their education, in order to take up odd jobs to support their families. It is our goal to create awareness among such students about the various options they have in front of them to continue their education on at least a part time basis, while still supporting their families economically. Once these students finish their education, they will easily be able to get into much higher positions and lead their lives more comfortably.

This year’s session was huge success with 100% participation from the children. None of them were absent for this session. Students were very happy to know about various career paths after 10th class. Thank you all for your great support.

Wonderful moments captured here:

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