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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

Inspired by this thought, W.H.Y. Foundation has started this books donation drive in 2009 and has achieved a remarkable progress over a period of time.

It was 430 students in 2 schools in Year-2009, 900 students in 5 schools in Year-2010, 2000+ students in 12 schools in Year-2011 and 5000+ students in 46 schools in Year-2012. All this has happened with every rupee that has been donated by like minded people for this noble cause.

W.H.Y. Foundation takes this opportunity to thank each one of the donors and supporters for their help in driving this cause to a significant success.

All the school kids have expressed their heartfelt happiness when they received the books which would suffice for the entire year…and one must be present there to actually witness their joy while taking the books.

Their joy and happiness has actually made all of us forget our hardship that each of our volunteers have taken to make this drive a success and all the volunteers have expressed an inner satisfaction which they could not express in words.

For all those who could not make it to the event, we have captured the sweet moments through pictures and videos where in the school teachers have shared their feeling about this initiative and how this cause actually helps them to retain students from dropping out of the schools.

Wonderful moments captured here:

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