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Hello Friends,

Heavy rain in the late night before 19th June, 2010 has left all of us with a question as to “if we can carry on the books donation activity” But, as they say, “Even the nature conspires against all odds for the good deeds to happen”. It has happened the same way, where we have noticed the heavy pouring stop and bright sunny day appeared giving us a rejuvenating hope to go ahead with our planned agenda for the day.

Slowly, we all could gather at our W.H.Y. Foundation’s office and started loading all the donation material on to the carrier vehicle which took us around an hour to complete the task. At around 9.30 AM, all the volunteers and organizers of the event gathered at the venue of the distribution program and since then there was not even a single moment where we got time to look at our watches. Before we could realize the time at around 4 PM, we could cover all the 5 schools and came back to the office with an empty carrier. But our hearts were full of happiness, satisfaction and pride that we could make a day for over 850 children in the government primary schools. The program has ensured that all the 850 kids do not have to spend on their notebooks and school bags for the entire year, which also gives a sigh of relief for their parents who try to stop their kids from going to schools in view of non affordability of the basic education cost. One must be physically present to see the gloomy faces of the kids turning happy when they got their own books and bags (the same feeling which we experienced in our childhood for every academic year).

W.H.Y. Foundation salutes all the donors, supporters, volunteers and empathizers for enabling the support to poor kids for their basic education and giving them a hope for survival and existence in this fast paced world. Also, it would be our constant effort to help our citizens of tomorrow with all the basic requirements through W.H.Y. Foundation and our donors have let the word spread to all corners of the world that there is no exit for the existence of kindness and humanity…!!!

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