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Time flies fast…this was the thought which struck all of our minds.

Before we all could realize it was a whole 3 years’ journey that we all travelled together for a contented feel about life after having served the community around us in all the possible ways with all the support and blessings of our volunteers, donors and guides.

On 21st Aug, 2010…we all planned for a get together where we intended to showcase all the activities done @ W.H.Y. Foundation and seek out suggestions, feedback and improved moral support from all our supporters.

It was a slow beginning at the start of the event…but as the event proceeded further we could witness the increased turn out of our invitees and it was a nice interactive session where we discussed about avoiding plastic, saving water and natural resources, usage of mud idols for this upcoming ganesh festival and etc…

The highlight of the event was the launch of AATMEEYA NESTHAM project where we intend to support the underprivileged or economically backward people by funding them to the maximum limit of 15,000/- rupees at the discretion of the foundation’s working committee. This would enable the people to gain self sufficiency in their areas of interest….be it the discontinued education / uplifting the business (small scale) / pursuing the vocational or self employment opportunities.

The event started with vande mataram song and ended with the national anthem and we all including the audience left the place with a pledge to use khadi clothing atleast once in a week and also try out the minimum possible ways of protecting the environment around us and give our posterity a safe and healthier environment. All the invitees were handed over a cloth bag (made of Khadi) to encourage and motivate people against the avoiding of plastic usage and create awareness on the hazardous consequences that one can do away with the usage of cloth bags…!!!

W.H.Y. Foundation salutes all the likeminded people who come forward to bring out a positive perspective on serving the community where we lived and brought up and contribute to the holistic development of the society.

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