Fri. Jan 18th, 2019

Project 11 and 12: Supported two students to continue their education

AN-11  AN-12

Give a man a fish you have fed him for today…teach a man to fish you have fed him for a lifetime…!!!

Inspired by this quotation, W.H.Y. Foundation has funded two students (S Rajnikanth and S Srikanth) education.

Full details Of Students:

Student Name: S Rajnikanth,  DOB: 23-05-2002, Admission into Class : 6th Class
School: Mother’s Integral School, OU Road, Shivam, HYD.
Fee per month 1550/- due from Sept to next year march.
Paid 1550 x 7 months = 10850 Rupees
5th class score 86%
Student Name: S Srikanth,  DOB: 18-06-1998, Admission into Class: Intermediate 1st year (CEC)
College: RIshi Junior College, Himayath Nagar, HYD
10th class score 5.9 out of 10 points (CGPA)
Course fee per year = 7000, out of 3500 paid by their parents:
Balance 3500 paid by cheque.(cheque no 010841 from WHY FOUNDATION)
Family Details:
Father: Late Sravan kumar, (Recently passed away)
Mother: Madhavi  – Works as admin assistant at hindi Milap, new paper and she is suffering with brain tumor decease
Source of Inomce: Mother’s job around 7000/-
House type: Rented
This is the Eleventh and Twelfth case funded by AATHMEEYA NESTHAM project of W.H.Y. Foundation.

Thanks to all the supporters and donors of this noble cause.

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