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Counseling Fair – 2014

Education is the beacon of light which drives away darkness from one’s lives. Illiteracy might be termed as one of the prime reasons for the underdevelopment of many parts of India. For numbers’ sake,...

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Ice bucket challenge is over…
Rice bucket challenge is over…Donate few crackers to your watchman, maid, helper or whoever cannot afford buying them

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We were able to collect 27,500 Rupees within a weeks time and today have deposited the same into account of “Goonj” NGO, which is working in very huge scale, towards this relief activities for flood victims of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Ear for Education_ 1st Phase

W.H.Y. Foundation with the help of volunteers, donors, colleagues and well-wishers support, was able visited a blind home to donate 6 mp3 players for the students who would use them to listen to the recorded lessons and prepare for the exams, thanks to all the donors, volunteers and supporters for motivating us always.

Flip-Flops Donation

Flip-Flops Donation – 2014

This was surprising and sad to see; hence we reached out to their school to see how many children are coming to school without any footwear. And to our surprise none of the school children come to school with proper protection to foot.

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YourTRP (www.yourtrp.com) joined hands with Working for Humanity with You (W.H.Y) Foundation (www.whyfoundation.org) for noble cause, which helps the poor. So you can now also support W.H.Y. activities when you file your ITR or seek any Tax or Audit related service.