Fri. Jan 18th, 2019

Use Me Drive – Distribution of Dustbins to keep your City Clean

Is Your Home Clean??? If Yes, then WHY not your city???

Through this activity we are identifying places where we can install these USE ME dustbin and making the vendors responsible to ask customers to use it and keep city clean. If you too wish to take part in this, kindly speak to any Street Hawkers or vendors who are ready to take responsibility of the Dustbin and ask their customers to use it.

You can contact us at : for us to work together to install it in place you would suggested which would helps in keeping city clean .

2 thoughts on “Use Me Drive – Distribution of Dustbins to keep your City Clean

  1. I am working in the field of climate change education.just now we started social action project in our school community .so we need some dustbin. please tell me how we found it?

    1. Hello Prabha,

      Thank you for writing to us. That’s a good social cause that you are working on. Regarding your question, you can find big dustbins in any of the wholesale markets near your area. Also some of the supermarkets would have it.


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