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10th Anniversary of W.H.Y. FOUNDATION

WHY Foundation/ September 6, 2017/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

THE JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN…. It was a very naïve beginning in 2007 and before we realized, we travelled in the time machine for 10 long years now and this would have definitely not been possible without your unconventional support and endorsement throughout. Thanks everyone for the encouragement which made us travel this long and we are sure of your

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Phase 3: Books Donation Drive – 2015

WHY Foundation/ July 25, 2015/ / 0 comments

Please join us in our fight against dropouts from Schools. Let us all pledge to support these kids with our small contributions to build the citizens of tomorrow. W.H.Y. Foundation has identified more than 2000+ needy students in various government schools in Hyderabad, Telangana, who are desperate to achieve self sufficiency through proper basic and higher education. Request you to

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WINTER Blankets Distribution Drive – 2014, Hyderabad

WHY Foundation/ December 22, 2014/ Yearly Projects/ 4 comments

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire. This is how we all visualize the winters. But, winter comes back very hardly to the underprivileged that too old aged people who are deprived of love and affection by their kith and kin. On

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WINTER Blankets Distribution Drive – 2014, Delhi and Gurgaon

WHY Foundation/ December 21, 2014/ Yearly Projects/ 2 comments

Winters this years are being more chilling than last year. We could not imagine even to step on Gurgaon and Delhi Roads this winters with socks and shoes. However we have seen people sleeping on roads sides on bare ground stuffing themselves into rag bags to keep themselves warm. Have seen people sleeping between dogs sharing each others warmth. It

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Project 13: Supported VolleyBall Player

WHY Foundation/ December 17, 2014/ Aathmeeya Nestham Projects/ 0 comments

Sri. Mallesh is a Physical Education Trainer, in a Government Rural School in Khanapur , Mahabubnagar district. He has trained his students very well in Volley Ball game. Because of his tireless efforts and hard work from the students Swaroopa got selected for State Team. She had to go through 10 days training program at L.B Stadium, Hyderabad for the National Camp. But this

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Counseling Fair – 2014

WHY Foundation/ October 28, 2014/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

  Beyond basic literacy, a large number of Indians still suffer from ignorance and this affects their progress to a great extent. To help combat this problem, W.H.Y.Foundation has conducted a Counseling Fair for students of Class X, of Doma Mandal, RangaReddy District on 01st November‘2014. The goal of this program is simple – to encourage students to continue their education beyond basic

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7th Anniversary of W.H.Y.FOUNDATION

WHY Foundation/ August 16, 2014/

Dear Friends/Sympathizers/Volunteers and Generous Donors,On behalf of all the tender & the aged you’ve supported, W.H.Y.FOUNDATION humbly requests your valued presence on the 7th Anniversary celebrations to cherish the wonderful value of charity.Date: Saturday, August 16th, 2014 Time: 10:00 to 13:30 Hrs Venue: Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Bagh Lingampally, Hyderabad. Your presence is a gift & your support is a treasure.

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Supported Hostel for Orthopedically Challenged – 2013

WHY Foundation/ August 26, 2013/ Yearly Projects/ 8 comments

Facts and Figures of this Orthopedically Handicapped Hostel: Orthopedically Handicapped Hostel is located near Champapet, Hyderabad (10 Kms from Koti) ::::About the Hostel:::: The Govt Hostel for Orthopedically Challenged is the hostel maintained by the government social welfare department. This hostel consists of 90 female students who hail from different districts of AP. The reason for joining this hostel is

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Independence Day Celebrations – 2013

WHY Foundation/ August 16, 2013/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

This Independence Day, as per our yearly activity schedule we have visited ‘Government Primary School TADBUND – Supported by W.H.Y.FOUNDATION’ We proudly hosted the Indian National Flag and Sang our National Anthem. We also distributed chocolates and few stationery items for the children Few of our Volunteers also shared inspiring stories with them. Thanks to all the volunteers who made up

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Counseling Fair – 2013

WHY Foundation/ February 10, 2013/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

Education is the beacon of light which drives away darkness from one’s lives. Illiteracy might be termed as one of the prime reasons for the underdevelopment of many parts of India. For numbers’ sake, the literacy rate of India is reasonably good, but this includes only people who know how to read and write. Beyond basic literacy, a large number

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Project 9: Cataract surgery for Poor Kid

WHY Foundation/ September 1, 2012/ Aathmeeya Nestham Projects/ 0 comments

  Praveen is studying in 3rd class in a Govt. Primary school. He is intelligent and academically doing well in his class. His Father is a rag picker. Praveen developed eyesight and slowly started losing sight in his both eyes. School principal who noticed this has informed W.H.Y. Foundation when we visited this school for Books Donation Drive’12. One of our members Mr.

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Project 2: Funded a girl’s education

WHY Foundation/ September 15, 2010/ Aathmeeya Nestham Projects/ 0 comments

Give a man a fish you have fed him for today…teach a man to fish you have fed him for a lifetime…!!! Inspired by this quotation, W.H.Y. Foundation has funded a girl’s education for completing her B.com graduation and secure a job with that qualification. D. Kalyani, whose parents are daily wage workers has completed her 2 years of graduation

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