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W.H.Y. Foundation is proud to announce the passing out of the first batch of Free Computer Education program where the students are now capable of handling the system and do the data entry work.

In this fast emerging technology-driven era, where our kids in primary schools have computers, animations and other technical stuff as their subjects apart from their regular subjects….

But higher school students in government schools do not even have enough visibility to the practical usage of the gadgets like computers, projectors and other basic technology utilities.

W.H.Y. Foundation has identified more than 50 such schools where the students are interested to spend their weekends also in the school and learn something new.

To give it a start, 1 batch of 20 students – 9th standard from Sultan Bazar Govt Boys High School was formed to teach them the computer basic terms and terminologies like hardware, software and other gadgets which are used in daily life for a simpler way of doing things.

The students have shown a tremendous commitment for all 4 weeks (both Saturday and Sunday) and have learnt the MS Office package along with computer basics. MS office package included word, excel and power point.

All the students were divided into a group of 4 and each group was assigned with a laptop for practising all the theory lessons that were taught in the pre-lunch sessions. That way, all the students got a chance to try their hands on the laptops with the assignments that were given to the groups in the post-lunch practical sessions.

Since most of the students were first time users on the laptops, we took an external USB hub where we connected a keyboard and a mouse for easy practice. The idea of taking the laptops was to economize the space consumption and also avoid the hassles of power supply challenges in the government schools.

All the students were properly trained and have gone through a viva voce examination along with a practical test which enabled W.H.Y. Foundation to certify all the students who passed out the test and viva voce.

To our surprise, all the batch of 20 students were certified. The certification had a stringent guideline of 100% attendance, passing the practical test and the viva voce questions.

All the students’ data has been collected and the certificates have been issued in the name of the students along with their Aadhar Numbers so that there will be no misuse of the certificates issued.

Also, we had a great collaboration with the school Incharge Principal – Mr. Prasad who also authenticated the certificate with his signature with school stamp.

Special thanks to the school management and the staff who ensured that they were present even on the holidays like Sunday to support the initiative.

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  1. Arya SVA

    If you are interested to participate in this activity, kindly email us at knowus@whyfoundation.org

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