Fri. Jan 18th, 2019

Philanthropy Associates of W.H.Y.

We have Joined hands with few organisations who have agreed to support W.H.Y.Foundation and its activities in every possible way they can.

To find out which organisations is supporting in which way, please go through the respective organisations. by clicking on their respective company images.

We thank these organisations and people behind them who are supporting W.H.Y. in their own ways.


[24]7 India – Redefining Customer Acquisition and Engagement. [24]7 is redefining the way companies interact with consumers. We help businesses attract and retain customers, and make it possible to create a personalized, predictive and effortless customer experience.


[24]7 India has come forward to support W.H.Y. FOUNDATION in Hyderabad in all the possible activities going forward starting with Books Donation Drive in June 2017. The staff and management of [24]7 would participate and volunteer for the activities designed by W.H.Y. FOUNDATION.  

[24]7 would also extend sponsorship for a select initiatives.  Hope this small beginning would lead us to a grand journey towards Working for Humanity with You.



Vasundhara Events – Pioneering Event Management group, VE help in enabling your events for marriages, receptions, birthdays, saree ceremony, get together, retirement parties and many more. VE offer complete event planning, management services, entertainment & special event coordination. VE also offer event and venue management consulting services including planning, program and general management assistance. Our services are available for you to help in organizing families events to present highly-effective events. VE pride us on attention to detail and an “Extreme Theme” approach to quality event presentation.

Vasundhara Events ( joined hands with Working for Humanity with You (W.H.Y) Foundation ( for noble cause, which helps the poor.

So you can now also support W.H.Y. activities when you take take services from Vasundhara Events .




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