Collecting Donations for Notebooks Donation Drive for Poor Students in Hyderabad and RangaReddy districts -2018

Apart from donating to WHY FOUNDATION for Books Donation Drive – 2018, you can still do more to help us reach more like-minded people.

Below is list of activities which we believe you can do being in your home or office, all you need is your will and a good internet connection.

You can support Books Donation Drive – 2018 by:

  1. You can also update your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts profile or cover page with Books Donation Drive – 2018 Poster to let your connections know about this cause
  2. Share Books Donation Drive – 2018 Poster with on your Social Networks with hashtag as #BooksDonationDrive2018 #WHY #WHYFOUNDATION #BOOKSDONATIONDRIVE
  3. You can share the attached Poster of Books Donation Drive – 2018, to your contacts in WhatsApp. Maybe you can use broadcast option in WhatsApp to send this poster your contacts
  4. You can print this poster and put it on your Bike or Rear Window of your car so that while you are commuting to work or any other place, people can know about Books Donation Drive – 2018. Example you can see here:
  5. Join us on the event date and participate in books distribution and experience the Joy of GivingDifferent ways to donate to W.H.Y.FOUNDATION:

    Books Donation Drive – 2018 Poster can be downloaded from this link:

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