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Collecting Donations for Notebooks Donation Drive for Poor Students in Hyderabad and RangaReddy districts -2019

WHY Foundation/ September 3, 2018/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

We have started collecting donations and request you to come forward for this social cause and donate generously in cash or kind

You can donate in different ways, To know more on how to donate visit

Books Donation Drive – 2018 – Successfully completed in Doma and Pargi Mandal

WHY Foundation/ June 26, 2018/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

Books Donation Drive – 2018 in Doma and Pargi Mandal government schools have been successfully completed on 22nd and 23rd June 2018. 
We were able to distribute #FreeNoteBooks to around 4000+ students in 40+ Government schools.

Collecting Donations for Notebooks Donation Drive for Poor Students in Hyderabad and RangaReddy districts -2018

WHY Foundation/ April 1, 2018/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

We all accept and are committed to the fact that today’s children are future citizens and for the children to be ready to face all the challenges they would face in their life, they need to be properly equipped with powerful tools. The tools here are not money and riches but education and ability to judge good and bad. This

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WHY Foundation/ December 7, 2017/ WHY Blog, Yearly Projects/ 1 comments

W.H.Y. Foundation is proud to announce the passing out of the first batch of Free Computer Education program where the students are now capable of handling the system and do the data entry work. In this fast emerging technology-driven era, where our kids in primary schools have computers, animations and other technical stuff as their subjects apart from their regular

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Pink October – Learn and Share awareness on Breast Cancer with your Loved Ones

WHY Foundation/ October 4, 2017/ WHY Blog, Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It is estimated that 1 out of every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  Although with less frequency, men also are diagnosed with breast cancer, so it truly is an issue that can affect anyone. Cancer is personal. Learn more about Breast Cancer and share this page with your

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10th Anniversary of W.H.Y. FOUNDATION

WHY Foundation/ September 6, 2017/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

THE JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN…. It was a very naïve beginning in 2007 and before we realized, we travelled in the time machine for 10 long years now and this would have definitely not been possible without your unconventional support and endorsement throughout. Thanks everyone for the encouragement which made us travel this long and we are sure of your

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Collecting Donations for Notebooks Donation Drive for Poor Students in Hyderabad and RangaReddy districts -2017

WHY Foundation/ June 2, 2017/ Yearly Projects/ 1 comments

The project called BOOKS DONATION DRIVE is an annual commitment from W.H.Y.Foundation to help all these needy students providing them with notebooks required for their academic education. Every year on an average around 4000 to 5000 students avail themselves of this program to continue their education.

Notebooks Donation Drive for Poor Students in Hyderabad and RangaReddy districts -2016

WHY Foundation/ February 21, 2016/ Yearly Projects/ 2 comments

  Did you know? Even today students in backward areas of India just drop out of studies because they are not able to buy notebooks for their academics.  So what? How would it be if you were able to help at least one student not to become child labor or illiterate? But, HOW? It’s simple; you would be surprised to

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WINTER Blankets Distribution Drive in National Capital Region (Delhi and Gurgaon)

WHY Foundation/ January 10, 2016/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire. This is how we all visualize the winters. But, winter comes back very hardly to the underprivileged that too old aged people who are deprived of love and affection by their kith and kin. On

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Flood Relief Activity in Manamedu, Puducherry (Chennai Flood Relief)

WHY Foundation/ December 22, 2015/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

W.H.Y. Foundation has conducted the flood relief activity in village, Manamedu, Puducherry which lies on the banks of Pennaiyar River. This village is one of the worst affected places during recent 2015 South Indian floods, commonly known as “Chennai Floods”. This village was also affected during Tsunami in 2004. Majority of population in this village belong to daily wage workers

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Hearing Aid Donation Drive for the Blind Girl Students at Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad

WHY Foundation/ November 24, 2015/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

Were you able to read the above signs and understand for what are we requesting your help? If you are still wondering what the signs are, let us tell you that they read as “AID FOR BLIND”. It’s really hard, at the same time, great to see someone who is blind and still be motivated to complete their education. Yes,

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Note Books Donation Drive for Poor Students at Hyderabad, RangaReddy and Medak districts

WHY Foundation/ September 15, 2015/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

Note Book Donation Drive – 2015: Note Book Donation Drive to the students in government schools is one of the W.H.Y Foundation’s flagship activity. It forms one of the major activity among all the activities done by W.H.Y. The number of schools covered under the activity and number of students benefitted under the program is getting increased y-o-y (Year on Year). 2015 is

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Note Books Donation Drive for Poor Students at Gurgaon

WHY Foundation/ May 7, 2015/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

This was the first activity of Books Donation Drive in Gurgaon.  The Note book Donation drive was successfully conducted in only one government school which was located in Sukhrali, Sector 17, Gurgaon, INDIA on 02 May’2015. North India Summers are so hot that mercury levels would easily cross 45 degrees mark and no one would dare to step out and

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Use Me Drive – Distribution of Dustbins to keep your City Clean

WHY Foundation/ April 9, 2015/ Yearly Projects/ 2 comments

Is Your Home Clean??? If Yes, then WHY not your city??? Through this activity we are identifying places where we can install these USE ME dustbin and making the vendors responsible to ask customers to use it and keep city clean. If you too wish to take part in this, kindly speak to any Street Hawkers or vendors who are ready

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WHY Foundation/ March 9, 2015/ Yearly Projects/ 0 comments

Spending your personal time is the precious gift you can give anyone. There might have been so many instances which turned into unforgettable moments in each of our lives when we have gone out of our comfort zone trying to help someone else. Precisely, this is what has happened when few volunteers from W.H.Y. Foundation went ahead on 07th Mar, 2015 to

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