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W.H.Y. has struck again on March 29, 2008 with Anti Global Warming campaign. The event was planned to perfection and all the volunteers assembled at Khairatabad Junction @ 11:00 AM with pamphlets and banners.

The event started with a display of banner at the signal points which read as “LET’S HEAL THE WORLD; STOP GLOBAL WARMING”. The main theme of the event was to request the vehicle drivers to switch off the engines while waiting at signal points for more than 30 seconds. And also there happened the distribution of pamphlets describing the concept of global warming and its repercussions on the living beings of the world.

The pamphlet also described the various ways through which the global warming can be reduced. The event lasted for around 4 hours where in all the W.H.Y. volunteers shred their sweat in the hot sun to spread the awareness of the global warming and its resolution by us as human beings. The event can be termed as a success but the true success comes out of the commitment by the vehicle users. Its time that we all voice out our opinion by doing it, but not just by talking about it.

Watch and rate the WHY footage at: W.H.Y. FOOTAGE

It just takes 5 – 8 seconds to restart your vehicle.

When in traffic or waiting at signal, turn your engine off if you must wait for more than 30 seconds. Idling wastes money and fuel, and generates pollution and global warming causing emissions.

W.H.Y. to turn off the engines:

1.Increases fuel efficiency of your vehicle

2.Reduces the amount of polluting emissions

3.Helps your engine to cool down for a while

4.Reduces the sound pollution

5.Avoid climate changes and heating the temperature

Vehicle pooling is a very good idea. When ever you go out with friends and co-workers, please do not let your status or egos come in the way of sharing a common vehicle. It saves fuel and time. Save 790 lbs. of carbon dioxide and thousands of rupees per year. More over, it will help you to avoid confusion in coordinating with other vehicles.

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