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SCOOP Announcement

There is no easy way to spoof our community service journey – lot of ideas, lot of enthusiasm; but no proper direction initially….lot of volunteers, lot of supporters; but don’t know how to pool in funds for the activities…..YET…!!!
We Did it! for 9 years…..with no hesitation, clear of mind and thought…that small or big…we made a difference….to the lives of more than 45,000 needy and NOW

At the helm of completing 10 years; a strong pat on our back came from the unknown (who followed our activities without our notice), boosting our confidence levels saying….YES….you can do it MORE….and WE are there for you…!!!

[24]7 India has come forward to support W.H.Y. FOUNDATION in Hyderabad in all the possible activities going forward starting with Books Donation Drive in June 2017.

The staff and management of [24]7 would participate and volunteer for the activities designed by W.H.Y. FOUNDATION. [24]7 would also extend sponsorship for a select initiatives.

Hope this small beginning would lead us to a grand journey towards Working for Humanity with You.

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