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[24]7 India supports WHY FOUNDATION

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SCOOP Announcement There is no easy way to spoof our community service journey – lot of ideas, lot of enthusiasm; but no proper direction initially….lot of volunteers, lot of supporters; but don’t know how to pool in funds for the activities…..YET…!!! We Did it! for 9 years…..with no hesitation, clear of mind and thought…that small or big…we made a difference….to

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April 2017 Donors

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Our April 2017 Donors WHY foundation truly acknowledges and appreciates our donors for their valuable donations to our activities. Let us continue this effort in helping the needy students. 1. Chaitanya Peethala 2. Pabba Satish 3. Ronald P Abraham 4. Sagar Choudhury 5. Santhosh Prati 6. Sreeja Sriperambur 7. Srikanth Gade